Saturday, 12 September 2015

First steps in EPIC: Armageddon

Whilst I love Warmaster and am prioritising that for painting, I have been giving myself a "break" to do modelling and painting for other scales and systems.

The smaller lead mountain I have for EPIC contains Space Wolf, Eldar and Grey Knight forces.  My aim for Epic is the same for Warmaster in that I want to be able to put out good looking and unobtrusive terrain and markers.

These are 5 official resin Forge World markers that are now OOP, and a scratch objective made from 3 Warhammer 40k Terminator squad teleport beacons.  They are based on 40mm steel washers for transportation and weighting.

I got distracted by the idea of a Grey Knight army and am using the provisional fan list on the Tactical Command forum.  These are Inquisitorial Chimeras, for transporting retinues; hodge podge mixtures of highly disciplined shock troops... And insane fanatics!

These are the first real Grey Knight unit group I completed, rhinos painted in the GK scheme.  Might have to make more depending on how the fan list evolves.  Really proud of these.