Monday, 2 May 2016

Warmaster: Chaos Reinforcements!

At last!  A unit I bought two years ago sees the light of day, and the business end of a paintbrush!

Chaos chariots are really a "no-brainer" in a Warmaster Chaos list.  For only 5 points more than Marauder Horsemen they get a plus 1 bonus in attacks per stan; the same as Monster unit types, and a lot cheaper than a magic item that accomplishes the same feat.

At first I thought it was surprising that I didn't see more of them, even before The Great Dying of 2013, when official production by Games Workshop ceased.

Then I tried glueing and painting the bleeding things!

I have never had so much trouble with a warped piece of metal.  The chariot space is barely big enough to include both riders, who have such tiny bases they are near impossible to keep upright.  The chassis is warped and the heights of the horses are off so that it needs a firm hand and lots of superglue to ensure it doesn't look like it's hovering in mid air or veering drunkenly off to one side.

They ideally need to be painted separately then glued together, otherwise your paintbrush will find it impossible to get to the nooks and crannies on the horse army and chariot faceplate.

All that said, they are essential, so I'm glad I've painted one.  Have another one half way through painting, and one in pieces which will be a project for later.

In the meantime, I finished off my third Dragon Ogre unit!  Now, Dragon Ogres are 250 points each, and exist alongside other expensive units like Chaos Knights (200 points) and Chaos Warriors (150 points).  The fact is that I think I won't ever use these as they are in a normal game, so my idea is that the 3 units I've painted will be proxies for Chaos Chariots.

In a 2000 point list, the maximum amount of Chaos Chariots I am allowed is 6 units.  If I have 3 official ones and 3 Dragon Ogre ones, that seems like the most efficient use of the models I have, as Chaos Chariots are pretty rare to find at decent prices, much like Chaos Marauder Horsemen.