Friday, 20 January 2017

Warhammer Art: A Dark Congregation

  One thing I have been striving for is the dark, crowded style of traditional Warhammer art.

  I don't just mean that exemplified by John Blanche, but also artists who came later to GW like the late Wayne England or David Gallagher. 

  Codices and rulebooks were filled with lavish illustrations which veered from ink splattered, frenetic visions to meticulous illuminations.  I attempted to do something approaching that with this picture.  I put the pencil on the paper and told myself to fill the page, even if it was just very roughly or without precision.

  I am very happy with the result, a dark congregation praising some blasphemous, forgotten God. Drawn for Khordal's topic on the Ammo Bunker forum.