Sunday, 5 February 2017

Warmaster: Dark Elf Crossbowmen

Some more Dark Elves!

^ I tried to base my Dark Elves on something a bit different - super pale, unearthly skin - like vampires, and weird gold.  For the armour I used the new Retributor Gold from GW, washed it with the new Coelia Greenshade - then highlighted with Chainmail.  For the flesh it's Rakarth Flesh then after the wash Vallejo Heavy Warmgrey.

I wanted them to look - Lovecraftian, nasty, like they marched out of the sea to attack their warmer cousins.

Anyhow - polished off these two crossbowmen units.  I have some Corsair models that I might paint up in future to proxy crossbows but right now I'm just trying to scrape 2000 points and say that I've finished another army.