Saturday, 29 April 2017

EPIC: Grey Knights Test Stand

  After a dozen Warmaster units, my brain rankled at the thought of more.

  I tried putting Infinity and Blood Bowl on my desk but neither of them did the trick. 

  Then I dug out a bunch of EPIC models, most of which I'd bought years ago.

  Someone on the Tactical Command forum had sold me some rare Imperial Flyers for no more than they would have cost from Forge World when they were still available; on the condition that I painted them - as he had never gotten around to it!

  I washed, prepped and glued them to put alongside some Thunderhawks I've had lurking for years in a box and some Warhounds gathering dust on my bookshelf.

  The big challenge awaiting me is always painting something, especially something unfamiliar or at a different scale.  Warmaster, which I usually paint, is 10mm, whereas EPIC is a diminutive 6mm.

  These fellows are the result of me grabbing the nettle and concentrating on just one stand of troops as a test before doing any others.  As a guide I used the lovely Tale of Painters how-to for Grey Knights although, not painting them to that level of detail!

  The base is a fan-made resin cast that I thought would look more dynamic than the old plastic strip bases.  It looks good but it's easy to miss a bit on the undercoating or basecoating steps .