Monday, 29 May 2017

Clip Studio Doodles

  A while ago I saw that Clip Studio was having one of its periodic sales so I bought it, installed it and mostly forgot about it.  I fired it up and thought it didn't quite have the immediate ease of use of Paint Tool Sai in terms of deploying its tools.

  This year I discovered that people sell large "Brush Packs" for art programs.  I had spent some Christmas money on some for Photoshop and then on some for Clip Studio.  Photoshop is a bit of a monster that my old computer groans a bit under so I let the license expire for it.  It didn't feel like something that natural to sketch in in any case.

  For Clip Studio I bought the Frenden super set.  I have barely explored the full range but I've found it an interesting experience.  It's been so long since I've drawn but I used the soft "pencil" brushes and then used "acrylic" to layer over the top, mimicing the way that I paint my gaming models in real life.

  These were doodles from imagination, without reference, to see if I could recall some basic anatomy and posing.

  I haven't had the confidence to really draw digitally in a long time.  I think this will be the program / tools which I use to get back into it.