Monday, 23 November 2015

Warmaster: High Elf Spearmen

I still haven't cracked a way of painting wargaming models that is really efficient.

After a burst of activity over summer I thought that I was onto something and so laid out pretty much 2000 points of Warmaster High Elves factory style.  I undercoated them and based them and put spares on lolly sticks to paint more easily.  I glued some spares and gave them the same treatment.

Then I began painting some base colours on them but... This factory style didn't inspire, rather I looked at the line up of lead and sighed!

Nevertheless I found my way back to finishing off one or two, and here's the first of what I hope is a batch over the next few weeks, my first rank and file High Elf unit!

Yes all the elf glyphs are hand painted, and yes I am not a smart man...