Sunday, 17 January 2016

Warmaster: High Elf Silver Helms

Finally!  A finished Warmaster unit to show off!

Once again they have freehand shield and banner details.

My painted High Elf unit count is now up to 9.  I'm painting two more Silver Helms units after this and then I probably won't want to see another one for as long as I live!

Spearmen would be up, next, and after that, I really hope that the Archers will be quicker to paint as they are a core unit.

These all started with a black undercoat, which is probably a bad idea for such bright final colours.  Everything is washed in Drakenhof Nightshade blue before final colours and highlights, which gives it all a very cold, unusual quality which I like.

The exception to this is the flesh, of which there is very little on Elf models, and usually I just stick to Kislev Flesh paint.