Friday, 15 April 2016

Warmaster: High Elf Command, Heroes & Mages

After a long time ignoring my poor High Elves, they finally have a command group for 2000 points to match my Chaos!

Two mages and two Hero stands.  My General is represented by the Dragon stand I completed a while back, because even if he's not riding a Dragon in the rules, I refuse to allow my General to be anything less than the most impressive model on the battlfield!

These Hero stands were inspired by one of the lovely fiction/"fluff" stories in the original Warmaster rulebook.  In this story, a commanding officer and his cohorts see from a distance a comrade being chased down and slain by enemy forces.  Before this scout dies, he shoots an arrow directly at the feet of the officer, wrapped with an important message that could change the tide of the battle.

The idea of the High Elves being such exceptional shots that they could use bows and arrows to telegraph each other messages seemed to me too good to pass up.

On each Hero stand you can see the officer listening to their scribe reading out a scroll (or taking dictation, maybe?) as the archer prepares to fire the message to their peers down the line.  The archers were a spare normal archer strip I got with odds and ends on eBay.  I clipped it in half and trimmed the base to fit it on here.  The Hero figures and scribes are normal figures found in the original Warmaster High Elf command blister.