Thursday, 28 July 2016

Warmaster: Chaos Marauder Infantry Reinforcements!


  I made the mistake of splitting my efforts between two units and of course that means the work goes half the speed, not twice the speed...

With these two Chaos Marauder infantry units I finally have a fully painted, legal Chaos army that could go up to just shy of 3000 points!

  When I was prepping this unit I'd bought second hand, I noticed that there were two command strips, and a missing rank-and-file strip.  Not discouraged, I decided to put both command strips together on the command stand.  Let's just say it's a unit with very high morale?  It actually looks fine as these early sculpts were very generous with alternative strips and so - the two variant command strips look pleasingly different to the eye.

  These units were some of the earliest that I had prepared; half glued to stands, other half glued to lolly sticks for ease of painting.  But they had also sat on my desk or windowsill or languished in a box for the longest time.  At least a couple of years, in fact.  It is immensely satisfying to see them painted up and to be moving on to the next thing.

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