Thursday, 18 August 2016

Whispers of Autumn

  I've been chipping away at the edges of my lead mountain, painting a batch of archers and plotting my next move.  I've therefore not had any finished work to show off, so thought I'd post some signs of the seasons.

  A wasps nest, built stealthily in an old stump near a flowerbed.  Some creature had attacked it in the night, perhaps mistaking the buzzing for that of bees and expecting some honey as a reward.  I can only imagine the stinging retort they endured.  We found this hive structure with some survivors picking over the ruins late in the day.

  I went out for my walk on the hill and deciding to dip down across it somewhat, and found a swathe of rosebay willowherb.   A common weed, but seeing it visited by bees, moths and butterflies gladdened my heart.

  Some little signs of the season winding down are appearing.  This is the largest patch of Lords and Ladies berries I've seen round about here, usually I only find one or two hiding under a hedgerow.

  Conkers growing in the trees.  The leaves are not turning, but all the horse chestnut trees around here seem to be afflicted with a virus that causes the leaves to brown and shrivel prematurely.


  I've thought that I will start writing - if not full reviews, then at least, my impressions of books I have read.  I have been delving into modern Weird fiction and horror after being fixated for the past decade on the early 20th century.  There seems to be a tight knit community for such things and I would like to broaden my horizons and become a part of it.