Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Warmaster: High Elf Archer Brigade

A week late, but not a dollar short, I hope...

On the Specialist Games Forum the "Tale of Gamers" style posts have been revived.

A monthly friendly competition is held with gamers encouraging one another to tackle their lead foothills, mountains or indeed mountain ranges.  One promises to try and finish a certain unit or models from a particular army that month.  Later you post your progress then finished models.  At the end, other gamers vote on their favourites for that month!

For myself, I can say that I have finished four units of High Elf Archers.  They're a bit samey so I photgraphed them in two batchs of two for the sake of brevity.

It's amazing how the contrast of adding some static grass to a limited palette model can really "finish" it and make it all come together.

An observation about painting these:

First, I began using GW's Celesta Grey as a base and then Ulthuan Grey as the bright, near-white layer.  Both these paints I have given a chance and like some of GW's latest paints they seem cludgy and half-mixed with big gobs of unmixed pigment lurking inside.  That wasn't so awful except that these colours seemed to go onto the model very unevenly, even when I tried different levels of thinning.  Worse, the Ulthuan Grey had -tiny- little lumps of unmixed pigment that you might not notice on the brush until they were already on the model, leading to lots of fiddling with a clean brush to carefully get them off.

This is the 2nd pot of Ulthuan Grey I've tried and now I've pretty much given up on these GW greys.

You couldn't tell unless you squinted but the first two units I painted with the GW colours and the last two I painted using Vallejo paints.

Vallejo equivalents are Heavy BlueGrey (Celesta) and Ghost Grey (Ulthuan).  They went onto the models beautifully and were very easy to control.

I'm very close to having a large, legal, High Elf army of over 2000 points for Warmaster!