Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Frostgrave Game Day

I game at MADgamers most Friday nights:

We're small in number but big in spirit and I have met some great people that way.  Over the years we have occasionally set up a small "Game Day" where we pick the current "Flavour of the Month" game that has been popular and most people play and set up to have a few of us spend a Saturday or Sunday morning and afternoon playing a couple of games.  Either in a tournament style or just for fun.  It's all good fun and we all chuck in a fiver to keep the Club piggy bank in good health!

We also do a memorial game to honour members no longer with us who have passed on.  Previous games have included Warmaster and SAGA.

This Sunday just passed (9th October 2016) we held a little Frostgrave game day; two games from the Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion book which is a series of linked scenarios.

We managed to get just two games in but that with with five players each time sizing each other up!  The games were quite lengthy, with monsters summoned every time we rolled a 1.  I didn't do a blow by blow because that would have taken page after page, but I took a few action shots just to give a nice overview:

Mark's forces move forward to steal the loot!

 The fluffy cotton balls are an easy way to show snow drifts as terrain, and the cardboard cut outs are ship wreckes in a frozen river.  A human servant of the Lich King is about to awake and two of my friends' warbands are bracing to take him down and steal his loot!

A wider shot showing the first scenario where an eclipse lowered visibility for models but allowed a single turn of huge bonuses for mages and their apprentices.

I am especially fond of this model, which my friend, Russ, modelled to show the "two fingered salute" of an archer, viz. Agincourt.

We're hoping to do a Warmaster game day at some point and I look forward to it!  I have quite a bit of terrain for it now and would be happy to make more.  Also, I have two armies painted now, so would be able to loan one!  I hope to have more painted in the coming months, as well.