Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Blood Bowl: Orc Blitzer

  Games Workshop, despite it's flaws, seems to have turned a corner lately.

  They have finally begun a kind of community engagement; launching a new website, using Youtube and facebook more and overall becoming less of a Fortress of Solitude.

  Far more importantly for a contrarian such as myself; they've fired up a new Specialist Games division, which means they are revisiting some of the "greatest hits" from the past, and the first to reappear is BLOOD BOWL!

Blood Bowl is one of the many, many games that appeared in White Dwarf that I would fantasise about playing even though my budget / attention span would not cover it.  I used to pretend to play it or Dungeonbowl using the Heroquest set as a kid, without really knowing the rules!

Now I finally get to be one of the cool kids and have a go, myself!  The base game contains two teams; humans and orcs.   I have plumped to paint them in the suggested colours for the sake of simplicity and am mostly following the official guide in the rulebook.

I want them to look good but I also want to be playing sooner rather than later so am hoping not to fall down the rabbit hole of spending too long on each model!  This is the first finished model, an Orc Blitzer, who I believe only really wants to break the limbs of his opponents, rather than do anything with the ball.

  Over the years when Blood Bowl was not supported by Games Workshop, the fans built up rules and fan sites to keep the game alive.  I was searching online and one thing that they do is to colour code the bases of the models.

This is very similar to how I colour code my SAGA bases to show the quality of the troops.  For Blood Bowl teams, red is the colour of blitzers.

  There's a little hole on the bases for these models - it's a new 32mm base which lets you put a little plastic ball marker in to show who has possession of it during a game.  It's a very little addition and shows the thought that's been put into this new version of the game!