Friday, 30 December 2016

Warmaster: High Elves Spearmen

At last!

As the year ends - I snuck in some extra painting time and finally polished off these fellows who I have been ignoring for 3 years or so.

The command stands for some Warmaster units are so filled with detail that they can be very intimidating.

 I think I did a very good job with these chaps on horseback.  There's a lot of trim and barding which prompted me to break in a Series 7 Winsor and Newton brush because my knackered old GW brushes simply weren't cutting the mustard!

Most importantly, with these chaps, is the fact that I now have a legal High Elf army that can go to 2000 points - FULLY PAINTED!  No more bare lead or base coated models for this army at least.

Now to move on to the half dozen or so other armies who are still bare metal or black undercoated!