Saturday, 13 June 2015


I’ve been rather aimless in terms of finding good imaginative things to draw without objectives.  But seeing how easily even a little 10 second doodle can cheer people up has put me in the mind to try and draw things for people around me.

I have a couple of very sweet girls in my life who are fans of My Little Pony.  I thought it would be fun to draw them each a character in the style of the show.  It turns out there’s an excellent spin off comic of the cartoon with an excellent and characterful illustrator called Andy Price:

I attempted to mimic his style for these pictures.  The scans aren’t very good but I feel I managed to imbue the original pictures with a degree of character.

 The first is a "cutie mark crusader", meaning she does not have a "cutie mark" (the flank symbolthat denotes a pony's talent) but I had her making friends with a butterfly to suggest that her talent will be to do with animals, the same as the girl I drew her for.

The latter I named "Inkwell" and gave her a pen-nib as a "cutie mark" to suggest her love of reading and writing, as that felt appropriate for it's intended!