Sunday, 21 June 2015

Warmaster: Scenery & Terrain

 My initial plan for this year was to paint / do / make a lot more than last year.  2014 was a year where I got very little done.  Whilst I've not quite done the "10 figures a week" or the "1 blister a week" challenge, I have been chipping away at various dormant projects.

Here I have some terrain for the excellent but now sadly defunct GW game "Warmaster".  Some resin rocks from eBay that were absolutely ridden with holes and took a long time to fix up.

 And in addition, two lots of stone walls from which are metal, not resin.  Metal chips easily so I gave them a triple coat of matt varnish, put steel paper on the bases and lashings of green static grass around the edges to give them some protection.  Warmaster is 10mm scale so these could represent a literal, small stone wall or the defences at the edge of a large town in a more abstract sense.